Single application procedure for employment permits and visas

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single Application Procedure

The single application procedure for employment permits in Ireland is straightforward. The employer or employee submits the application online. They must complete the form with accurate job and applicant details. Moreover, the applicant must submit a Job offer letter, identification and supporting documents. An application fee is paid. This varies based on the permit type. The Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment reviews the application. Applicants receive a decision notification via email. If approved, the employment permit is issued to the employer. Then,the employee can then start working in Ireland.

Types of Permits

Ireland offers several types of employment permits. Critical Skills Employment Permit are for highly skilled workers in occupations with shortages. The General Employment Permit covers most other occupations not on the ineligible list. The Intra-Company Transfer Permit is for transfers within multinational companies. The Contract for Services Permit is for foreign workers providing services to an Irish company. The Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit is for dependents of primary permit holders. So each permit type has specific eligibility criteria and requirements.

Eligibility and Steps

Applicants must have a valid job offer from an Irish employer. They must meet minimum salary thresholds, which vary by permit type. Permits require proof the job can’t be filled locally. The application steps include creating an account on the online system, filling in job and personal details, uploading necessary documents, and paying the fee. Applicants can track the application status online. Furthermore, processing times vary, with Critical Skills permits prioritized. Accurate and complete applications help avoid delays or rejections. This streamlined process attracts skilled workers to Ireland and ensures efficiency.

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