At Employment Permits Ireland we source skilled people from around the world to help your business grow. We work with a network of recruiters from outside Ireland to connect you with the correct people, bringing added value to your business. Our consultant solicitors are on hand to assist you with any legal issues.


  • Housing chefs in ireland

    Housing chefs in Ireland is impacting their ability to work comfortably. The scarcity complicates their integration, hindering culinary innovation. Many chefs struggle to find suitable accommodation, affecting job performance and personal well-being. Landlords...

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  • Employment Permit for a chef

    To apply for an employment permit in Ireland as a chef, you’ll need a few essential documents. First, gather your passport and any relevant qualifications. Ensure your qualifications meet the requirements set by...

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  • Biggest problems in irish haulage sector

    The Irish haulage industry is grappling with a myriad of significant challenges in today’s landscape. Firstly, the relentless surge in fuel costs is putting immense pressure on companies,. This squeezes profit margins and...

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